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“They honored all of our wishes.”

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Ali and Colton Sirek shares their experience of the birth of their daughter, Rosie.

Living where we do, we have a few options available to us for birthing hospitals. But we didn’t even talk about going anywhere else. Westfields Hospital & Clinic was really personal. From every doctor’s visit and every nurse’s visit, it was great. We weren’t just a number – they knew who we were and what we wanted.

I was born and raised here in New Richmond and am a social studies teacher at the New Richmond High School. My husband, Colton, and I live here in New Richmond and I’ve doctored at Westfields all my life.

My OB-GYN, Dr. Weisberg, came highly recommended to us. And I knew a few of the Birth Center nurses up there, too – I think I know them all now!

I was very comfortable throughout my pregnancy. I was due in March and our daughter came about a week-and-a-half late. We ended up having to be induced. I went in on a Monday night and labored through the night, into the next day. Our daughter was delivered by c-section on Tuesday night.

When I talk to new or expecting parents, I feel like they talk about their hopes for the birth experience and the birth plan. When I tell people that I had a c-section, they’re always like, “Oh….”, like they feel bad for me, but that wasn’t our experience at all. We had filled out our paperwork for our birth plan. There were a few things that were really important to us. We hadn’t found out what we were having, and we knew we wanted Colton to find out first and tell me if we’d had a boy or girl. And we knew we wanted skin-to-skin, and for Colton to cut the cord. When they said I’d have to have a c-section, I thought everything I’d ever thought I wanted for a birth was out of the window, and it was actually just the opposite. They honored all of our wishes; Colton got to tell me it was a girl. He got to cut the cord. And we did skin-to-skin right away.

Never for a second did anyone at the hospital give us a sense of fear or a lack of confidence. They were so focused on having a healthy baby, healthy mom.

Whether you have a c-section or a vaginal birth, you can still have that dream birth experience; it’s just a different experience. It was so important to our nurses at Westfields that it was personal for us.

We were lucky enough to have Dr. Weisberg come back that evening to perform the cesarean section and deliver Rosie. He said he would come back in whenever it was time, and we found so much comfort and trust in that. Having him there was really important. There were a few things that he and I had previously talked about and he knew me so well. He was back consistently over the next few days and was so good about the follow-up – it never felt like he was doing it just as part of his job, it felt like he wanted to do it.

Once it was time to leave, the nurses said to us, “Call if you have any questions – we have plenty of nurses here to help you!” And so we called them daily! They were amazing. They even called us, to follow up, too. That doesn’t happen at every hospital. We felt really well cared for. We were there for a week, so I think we got to meet all the nurses! Katrina was incredible, and Hannah and Angie were also great.