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“Our care was above and beyond.”

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Sarah Gibson shares her experience of the birth of her daughter.

“My husband, Brett, and I graduated from New Richmond High School in 2010. He works as an engineer in Clear Lake, Wisconsin, and I’m a teacher in New Richmond. In 2017, we tied the knot and started trying for a family. Within a few months, we found out we were expecting!

Our family doctor – Olusola “Shola” Adegoke, MD – was a big part of our reason for choosing Westfields Hospital & Clinic for the birth of our daughter. We have a close family friend who works in the Birth Center at Westfields and the hospital is close to our home.

During our first prenatal appointment, we toured the Birth Center and saw the delivery and recovery rooms, as well as some of the labor resources, such as the soaking tub and peanut ball. Later, we attended a breastfeeding class, led by Kristy, a lactation consultant, who was well-educated on nursing and got me excited about breastfeeding.

Another reason for choosing Westfields was our ultrasounds. During other prenatal appointments, we received a baby book and many reading materials. Dr. Adegoke made us feel important and cared for at our appointments. He always answered our questions and shared personal experiences with us.

At almost 37 weeks, my water broke. Brett called the Birth Center and the nurse on the phone was so calm, which helped him stay calm during this very exciting but nerve-wracking time. She encouraged us to take our time packing and then come in when we were ready. I’ll never forget hearing her on speakerphone saying, “It sounds like you’re going to have a baby today!”

We checked in at the Westfields Emergency Department and then headed to the Birth Center. As my contractions got stronger and closer together, a nurse, Angie, ran a warm bath for me to soak in. The Birth Center had many tools to help ease the contraction pain. I bounced on the peanut ball for about an hour-and-a-half then received the epidural. The anesthesia team was fantastic! They talked me through the entire process while Angie helped me with my breathing.

Throughout the afternoon, the nurses kept me calm and focused. They encouraged me, helped me with breathing, and brought me water. At 6:54 p.m., we were blessed with our little girl, Lauren, who is perfect in every way. She had a full head of hair and a healthy cry! I bonded skin-to-skin with her immediately while the nurses and Dr. Adegoke finished with post-delivery procedures.

During the next couple of days, the nurses were extremely helpful. Katrina showed us, step-by-step, how to give our sweet girl a bath. Kristy, the lactation consultant, stopped in regularly to make sure I felt comfortable with breastfeeding. I also received massage therapy, which in the moment, was one of the greatest things I could have asked for.

Then, Brett and I got to take our daughter home!

We returned to the hospital for Lauren’s 48-hour check and, due to being born a few weeks early, Lauren’s numbers for jaundice were high. She needed to undergo at least 24 hours of light therapy. We were crushed that she had to be re-admitted, but Westfields started her treatment with a light blanket and brought in special lights from the Twin Cities – even though it was during one of the biggest blizzards of the season! Although it was a long 24 hours, we had the help and support of all the nurses. They made the additional stay enjoyable and relaxing for us.

Overall, the care we received at Westfields was above and beyond. The nursing staff made themselves available when needed but also allowed my husband and me to learn the ins and outs of being a parent. The room we were staying in was clean and all the Westfields employees were very professional and made sure we were taken care of to the highest standard.”

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