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Make a difference and get trained to Stop the Bleed

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The trauma program at Westfields Hospital & Clinic is offering members of the public the chance to learn how to stop traumatic bleeding.

Dominic Ehman, trauma care coordinator at Westfields, has already helped train faculty from the New Richmond School District and New Richmond City Council employees in techniques to control severe blood loss.

Now, he’s scheduled two classes at Westfields to coincide with national Stop the Bleed Day on May 23 – and they’re open to the public. Ehman says it’s just like citizen bystander CPR training.

 “A person can suffer fatal loss of blood in two to five minutes,” said Ehman. “But when someone suffers an injury that causes significant traumatic bleeding, it can sometimes take emergency medical services longer than that to arrive on scene. Bystanders who are trained to Stop the Bleed can help fill that gap and literally make the difference between life and death.”

 The one-hour classes follow the national Stop the Bleed program curriculum. They are free and limited to 16 participants. Sign up for one of the Westfields classes, listed below, at (search “Stop the bleed”):

  • Wednesday, May 22: 6 to 7 p.m.
  • Thursday, May 23: Noon to 1 p.m.