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“I never felt rushed and all my questions were always answered.”

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Jennifer Mickelson shares her family’s experience at Westfields Hospital & Clinic Birth Center.

“My husband, Scott, and I have four children and our eldest, Gauge, was the first born at Westfields Hospital & Clinic. We live about 15 minutes from New Richmond, in Deer Park, and I’m a front desk expert at a salon in New Richmond.

Everything went very smoothly for Gauge’s birth. Even though I was a new mom and didn’t know what to expect, the Birth Center nurses helped me feel like I was always in control. I never felt rushed and all my questions were always answered. I’m sure they get the same question 800 times a day, but they never made me feel like that. During labor, I had the same nurse, Katrina, who led our birthing class, which was great.

With Gauge, I wanted to pump and then bottle-feed him instead of breastfeeding. I know there are lots of opinions about feeding methods, and I liked that I didn’t feel pushed one way or the other.

They also gave me a baby book for Gauge and did a print of his hand – that was very special.


“The doctor and nurses cried with me.”

Colt was my second child. When I was 20 weeks pregnant with him, I found out he was going to be stillborn. When I delivered him, the doctor held him like he was the most precious thing ever. The doctor and nurses cried with me. I could tell it was a tough situation for them as well, and I felt very loved.

Dr. Weisberg, the OB-GYN, was very professional and compassionate, and gave me a lot of information. And Dr. Brandes, my family medicine doctor, met with me the next day. We sat together and talked and she told me, “We aren’t leaving here until I’ve answered everything you want to know.” Then she stayed with me past the clinic closing time to answer all my questions.


Personal connection

At 30 weeks pregnant with our third baby, Kinzley, I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. It got out of control around 35 weeks. Because my pregnancy was now considered high-risk, I had to go to a different hospital for my care and delivery, and Kinzley was born prematurely by C-section. It was very different from my experience at Westfields. I like that Westfields is a smaller hospital. I felt a personal connection with the nurses there. And my Westfields doctor even called to check on me after Kinzley’s birth at the other hospital.


Incredible healing and recovery

Jozie is our fourth child. When I found out I was pregnant again, I knew I wanted to have her at Westfields. Her birth was a planned C-section. Everyone involved in our care was very thorough. I was able to come in early and do all the paperwork ahead of time.

Even though I’d had a C-section before, I was still nervous because the last one was an emergency. But everyone at Westfields was so reassuring. And it helped that I had a nurse I knew in the room with me when I went back to surgery. Jozie was born healthy and I felt so supported.

By this time, I think I knew all the nurses from my previous pregnancies! And although I’d done it three times before, I still had questions – and the nurses still answered all of them! My recovery and healing time was incredible – so much better than the previous C-section.

Before leaving the hospital with Jozie, we mentioned that because Kinzley was born at a different hospital, we didn’t have the same baby book for her as our other three babies. When the nurses at Westfields heard that, they went and got us an extra book, so our kids could all have the same baby book. That was so kind.

Every birth experience at Westfields, I felt very comfortable and so supported by the doctors and nurses. The hospital is really clean and the food was really good – and I loved that I got a massage during all of my births there.