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“I just felt they were really looking out for us.”

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I had my second baby, Nolan, at Westfields Hospital & Clinic, 10 years after I’d given birth there for the first time. I was touched by the personal care and attention given to our family.

I even got a personal visit from the nurse who’d cared for me when I had my first son, Maddux! Jean Meier is now the Birth Center manager and I’d told her, “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this again without you!” Well, while I was there, she came in and offered her assistance and talked with me. She asked if there was anything I needed and it made me feel very cared for.

As well as Jean, I was looked after by wonderful obstetrics nurses. I connected with them all in different ways. My mom was an obstetrics nurse for 15 years and she was so impressed with my care. My mom is now a nursing instructor and even wanted to make a video of one of my Westfields nurses to show to her students, because she was so awesome and thorough.

During the labor, I did have a slight scare with Nolan’s heartbeat at one point. It turned out his cord was a little kinked. The nurses jumped in and helped keep me calm and try different positions to get it straightened out. They were very calm about everything and kept us both relaxed until the concern was resolved.

Dr. Adegoke, my baby’s doctor, also stopped in to my room to check on me on his way out that evening. He gave me great care throughout the whole stay at Westfields. When he visited, he would sit next to me and say, “Make sure you are getting your rest.” I really felt he was looking out for us.

I’m from New Richmond and so I chose Westfields because it’s convenient. I’d also heard amazing things about my ob-gyn doctor, Dr. Weisberg, and his experience. I felt very confident in his care and he was always so informative at our visits.

I appreciated the essential oils aromatherapy and massage therapy during labor. I remember saying to my nurses, “I haven’t had a spa day like this in forever – it’s great!” It helped keep me comfortable right up until the strong contractions, when epidural medicine took care of the rest.

Heidi Gaspord