Intake Assessment

Participants must complete an intake assessment session with a Programs for Change counselor before attending a chemical addiction treatment program. Determining an individual’s needs is a complex process. Information from a variety of sources is gathered and reviewed by a counselor. The information may include input from family members and friends, medical providers, or possibly employers, counselors or others. The comprehensive assessment process can take up to two hours and includes: a psychological evaluation, and a life history and chemical use history to identify a variety of needs.

The intake assessment will provide recommendations and referral for improved living and treatment options, such as additional mental health, medical resources and Programs for Change when appropriate.

Individual Appointments: available at Programs for Change Westfields, located at the Westfields Hospital Specialty Clinic in New Richmond, WI.

Registration: To schedule an intake assessment, call (715) 243-2900.

Cost: For current cost, call (715) 243-2900. Qualifying medical insurance accepted.

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