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Seeking students for public health youth leadership opportunity

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PowerUp, a community-wide initiative to make it easy and fun for families and kids to eat better and move more, is seeking youth leaders who want to create a culture of health and wellness in their school or community.

There are two opportunities for students to get involved with PowerUp youth leadership: Teen Leadership Council and the Student Ambassador program. Teen Leadership Council members and student ambassadors will gain leadership development skills in areas such as public health, marketing and communications, project management, consulting and public speaking.

One member of the Teen Leadership Council wrote in their end-of-year survey, “The Teen Leadership Council allowed me to take leadership less as a title or position and live it more as a lifestyle. I learned how to live the life of someone in public health, who has the opportunity to make change.”

Another Teen Leadership Council representative, said: “I’ve been able to share advice with adults by sharing my perspective as a teenager in a number of different ways.”

“I feel like I have more of a voice than I did before when it comes to speaking to adults,” another student shared after her experience with the Teen Leadership Council.

Examples of projects by previous years by PowerUp Teen Leadership Council members and student ambassadors include:

  • Instagram campaign to share key messages about how teens can eat better, move more and feel good – in spite of social distancing during coronavirus;
  • Consulting on promotional materials for the PowerUp School Challenge
  • Surveying peers to understand barriers to eating better, moving more and feeling good;
  • Stillwater Area High School students used marketing tactics to highlight the importance of breakfast and promote the school’s “Second chance breakfast” for those who hadn’t eaten before school;
  • High school students in New Richmond grew lettuce using hydroponics and aquaponics; the lettuce was then used to prepare school lunches;
  • Middle school students in Osceola developed a physical activity challenge for the elementary students and tracked steps using pedometers.


Students can find out more at The application deadlines are August 31 (Teen Leadership Council) and October 31 (student ambassadors).

PowerUp is the HealthPartners community-wide campaign to improve the health of members, patients, employees and communities. It’s an invitation to everyone to eat better, move more and create healthy communities to live our best lives possible. It does this important work through programs, partnerships and useful resources. Find out more at


Pictured: 2019-2020 Teen Leadership Council cohort at several of the group’s activities prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.