Alcohol & Substance Abuse Recovery

When is a Problem – A Problem?

Millions of people, who once were struggling with destructive problems of alcohol or other substance dependence, now live happy, fulfilling and productive lives. They found their way free of addiction and on the path to a healthier life.

Breaking free from the cycle

Before breaking free, they all had one thing in common – they were convinced their drinking or substance use was not out of control. They didn’t need help. And they were determined to find a way to avoid the consequences and problems that followed them – while continuing to manage their drinking or use, on their own. Wrapped up in this cycle, it can be difficult to clearly identify and determine the effects of alcohol or substance use. No one initially intends, or considers the possibility, that their drinking or substance use will become a serious problem. But drinking or substance use can become a problem affecting many areas of life including: harming close relationships, impeding productivity or achievement, interfering with physical health, compounding stress and anxiety, or causing financial or even legal problems.

Programs for Change can help

We understand these frustrating and confusing issues. Programs for Change will assess the whole person and identify when alcohol or substance use has become a dependency. We offer compassionate and non-judgmental guidance to help people break free and live the life they’ve always intended. And we offer access to a wide range of specialty medical care available to program participants.

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